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, and attempted farmers. so many claimed they were farmers that recently congress approved another billion dollars plus for more claims. this farmer, who didn't want to appear on cam camera, shows usa building where many people said they attempted to farm, filled out claims. >> by coming in and saying, if you attempted to farm, you're eligible. >> al, he is that lawyer who won the big settlement. >> how many farmers have you helped file claims? >> oh, go, thousands and thousands. >> how do you know they're farmers? >> well, they fill out the forms and we hope they're telling the truth. >> you don't thi this is just an opportunity to free load. to cheat. >> all though therere some people who cheat, most people are very honest. most people are very, very honest. they're afraid to cheat if they're filling out a federal form. it's not quite what you think. >> but given america's culture of entitlents, se don't eve view getting checks as cheating. they say, all black people deserve reparation. >> if you're an african-american, your roots are in farming, your folk been cheated and your collecting what
wwll noo be able to pay all oo theecountry's bills in full... and on time. congress would have to vote on raising thh debt ceiling... setting tteestage for another fight n capital hill. the new year brings violence in sacramento, california... where two eople were killed and three others injured. injured.40-thousand people gathered in old sacramento for gunfire erupted.officers rushhd to close-off the crime scene... and the midnight celeeration was worrdon what prompteddthe shooting... or a suspect. as we cllsed out 2012 in paltimore... nn nummer rings out... tte murder count.there were 216 homicides.... compared to 117 in all f was more violent in the city of baltimore.paul gessler has more on how community leaders pre reeembering the city's homicide victims. (reading names)aa balttmore prepares to ring in the neww year...(nnmes))ommuniiy &pleaders look back at the namms are read aloud.19.21.22 reading names "floyd dorsey, 59--that's my cousin-- michael williams, 45....victims of violencc... and part f thee city's growing homicide rate. commissioner nthony batts, ba
has become like an episode of the road runner cartoon. every congress is another cliff. they have a responsibility to produce the votes. they have yet another caucus. we should have done this a year ago, should have done it a month ago, could have done it two weeks ago. they need to come to the table and work with us. >> i came from downstairs where the house republicans are still meeting as we speak, i believe. and it sounds like still going on, behind closed doors, but it sounds like there are a lot of complaints that this deal is just dealing with taxes and they really want to include spending cuts. and perhaps they haven't decided what they're going to do, perhaps house republicans might agree to offer an amendment to this. that adds spending cuts. do you think that's a deal killer? >> we have done spending cuts. we did a trillion dollars in spending cuts in the budget control act last year the. there are spending cuts. there are cuts in this. sequestration is late for two months but paid for with a mix of revenues and additional spending cuts. there are spending cuts in this.
's bills in the full on time. congress must vote to raise the debt ceiling setting the stage for another showdown coming on capitol hill. >>> couples have been waiting a lifetime for the day and today same sex couples can legally marry in the state of maryland. it was approved by voters back in november. and this morning, sherrie johnson is live at city hall where some couples have come out to tie the knot and they did it after the stroke of midnight. >> reporter: a big day here. we are in front of city hall war number of people 7 couples to be exact tied the knot here at city hall in downtown baltimore a landmark day for maryland. baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings blake actually hosted some of the first marriages for same sex couples in the state of maryland. she actually performed the first ceremony of the morning. the couples brought friends and family to take part in the historic ceremony new year's day will have a new meaning for many couples who can finally have the right to marry the person they love. same sex couples were able to get a license in december and today they wer
that congress has to deal with yet another bruising debt ceiling battle. >> all right. thank you. >>> why do you think lawmaker waited until last minute? there is a lot of questions surrounding that. we are getting a lot of feedback on our facebook page. >> william have bad hotwood says it was to, quote, act like they are doing something for their already overrated salaries. they do this almost every year. we need to force them to change the way they work us for. share your commends our facebook page. >>> still ahead this new year's morning. >> so, a deal has been reached mentioned in the senate. that doesn't mean the tension is gone. we'll take a look at what new year's resolution lawmakers may want to consider when we come back. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to regi
worrers.but after that... the &ptreesury will not be able to in full... and on timm.s bills congress would have toovote n raising the debt ceiliig... setting the stage for another fight n capital hill. even though gas prices nevee went higherrthan they did back in 2008... gas prices.. onn aveeage... forr2212 were the ever.the naaionwide average prices for a gallon of regular pit 3-60 this yyar... hat's up 9 cents frommthe previouss record set in 2011.triple- a blames hurricanes.. refinery outages and tensions in the prices.despite prices of more than 4 dollars a gallon back in 2008... the average price that year as juut 3-25. aanew studd shows size... shape... and color of a pill directlyyinfluences wwether patients will take the some pptients who received gennric drugs varying in color were more than 50-percent likely to stop takkng them. generrccdrugssmust have tte same dosage strength as the brand-name verssons, despite how differenttthey may look. of the pill, but what's inside that counts. baltimore rings in the new year... ii syle... anddin safe. safety.bmore fireworks nats na
another option. which is to do nothing or vote the bill down and let the 113th congress fight this out. democrats are already walking around the hill judy, making it clear that the entire deal is off. of course, constitutionally the bill has to be rewritten after thursday. afternoon on thursday. but the deal is off. the tax rates will be different. everything will be different at that point. >> woodruff: todd, why aren't republicans more concerned about what we heard just now from a democratic member of congress from tennessee? and that is what the stock market reaction is going to be. how the economy is going to react if this agreement is not reached tonight? >> well, they may be concerned about it. i don't think it's fair to say that they're not concerned about it at all. many people have memories of the tarp debate from a couple of years ago. keep in mind house republicans voted down that emergency deal too. only to see the market tank, as i recall, 777 points and then come back and pass the deal. a lot of people remember that. the republican whip kevin mccarthy, however walking int
set stage for another capitol hill battle as congress must vote to raise the debt ceiling. >> new this morning, gay marriage ceremonies are under way in maryland. same-sex couples have been able to get marriage licenses in the free state for about three weeks but the new law didn't go into effect until the strike of midnight in the new year. dozens of same-sex weddings are scheduled for today including some at city hall in baltimore and a mass wedding event at the black walnut point inn on tillman island. >>> maryland is also banning arsenic in chicken feed and allowing parents to freeze their child appear credit in an effort to prevent identity theft. in virginia, it will be harder for state and local governments to take property in the name of eminent domain. and insurance agents will now have to perform property owners if their policy excludes coverage for earthquake damage. >>> let's talk football. the redskins are still the talk of the town. >> the excitement over their first division tight until 13 years is overwhelming. tickets for sunday's game are all sold out through the
.s. is also dangerously close to another less publicized cliff, the dairy cliff. congress has until tomorrow to replace or extend the expiring 2008 farm bill. otherwise, we revert to government price protection measures that date back to the '40s leaving you paying $7 a gallon or more for milk. amazingly the stock market didn't step off the "fiscal cliff" today. in fact, it surged on investor optimism that a deal would be reached. the dow closed out 2012 above the 13,000 mark. that's a 7% gain on the year. the nasdaq and the s&p also edged higher. >>> the u.s. state department is facing scathing criticism in a new senate report about the attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi. the senate homeland security committee is faulting the state department for keeping the u.s. mission in benghazi open despite a deteriorating security situation there. it also faulted the state department for waiting for specific warnings instead of improving security. >> we should have closed this facility in benghazi until we were prepared to provide the security necessary to give minimal protection, adequate protect
... and on time. &pcongress woulddhave toovott setting the stage for another - fight on capital hill. as we loseddout 2012 in baltimore... one number rings out... the murder count.theee were 216 homicides.... compaaed to 197 in all of 2011. 3ther'es no question... 20012 was more violent in the city of baltimore.paullgessler has more on how community leaderss are rememberiig the city's homicide victims. victims. ((eeding names)assbaltimore year...(names)commuuity leaders look back at the bloodshed of 20-12.(nnmee)216 readinggnames "floyd dorsey,, 559-that's my cousin-- michael violence... and part of tte city's rooing homicide rate. commissioner anthony atts,, baltimore city police:"too too many rothers, too many many people of color nd non-cclor losing their lives." daphne alsson,,mother of at them liie they're animals? whh do we think thhttthey were just bad people?"women like daphne alston come to this victim:"you could lose them in - a car accidenn, but it's the yoong hummn being. these kids have no respecttfor human llfe we've lost o violence on ttee streets are sons, daughters,
of february. those moves include suspending some benefit funds. congress must vote to raise the debt ceiling setting the stage for another fight on capitol hill. >>> some people wrapped up their 2012 by donating to charity. all day and night car after car dropped off in donations at the salvation army center in alexandria. many people got in a final big donation before the end of the year for tax purposes of course. others gave away their old things to make way for new stuff santa brought them. >> a tremendous turnout with donations. again, you know, the salvation army does a lot across all over the world so people feel comfortable coming here with their donations and we take good care of the stuff that they donate. >> the salvation army estimates some 1700 cars came by its alexandria center yesterday alone. i've been giving to goodwill the last couple of days to get rid of stuff, get in the tax donations and it's the right thing to do. >> that place is huge. just pull in. >> on this last day of the year, it is unbelievable. thank you. >>> hillary clinton, her blood clot is very close to her
that kept even most members of congress in the dark. the white house and senate leaders have been trying to beat a deadline they created to stop massive tax increases and automatic spending cuts that could trigger another recession. but one breakthrough did come today. >> i can report that we've reached an agreement on all of the tax -- the tax issues. >> reporter: a genuine compromise on taxes. most notable, rates would go up for couples earning above $450,000 a year. and today the same for everyone else. but they are divided over how much and how soon to cut government spending. and people are frustrated. >> sometimes you wonder, is it all just for show, or, you know, what's really going on behind closed doors? >> reporter: come midnight, your takehome pay shrinks. income taxes go up for everyone. roughly $2,400 next year for a family making 50 to $75,000. the 2% payroll tax break ends, costing an average worker another $1,000 a year. higher taxes on savings and investments. families will pay more on large inheritances. and for those on hard times, out of a job longer than six months,
's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >>> congress won't win any awards for public service this year, but recipients of the congressional medal of honor are another story. they remind us what it means to serve our country. in war, yes. also at home and every day of their lives. nbc's mike taibbi has the story of two veterans who are passing along ward-won lessons to a new generation. >> reporter: at first blush it wasn't much of a parade. a couple of hundred yards, a crowd just a few deepal the way. and two old soldiers the honored guests. >> we are proud of you! >> reporter: perhaps no one deserves a parade more. major general pat brady and lieutenant colonel bruce crandall recipients of the congressional medal of honor. for both men, both helicopter evac pilots, vietnam was their war. brady saving more than 60 wounded in one day of pure hell in 1968. and crandall, three years earlier, braving enemy fire on 22 straight missions. the stories celebrated in the hollywood film "we were soldiers." >> medevac command, are you inpound? >> reporter: today the men are on a new mission as par
of days before it up in this entire deal. cheryl: you mentioned the new congress coming in. of what point are we going to hear the debate about the debt ceiling. obviously treasury secretary gunnar coming out over the holidays adding another wrinkle to the debt ceiling debate say we will reach the $16 trillion level. do you think that will happen right away in the new congress? >> the first thing they will discuss after the clear this deal out of the way after the deal with the tax rates. if the house to approve this and the president signs it into law, we're talking about the debt ceiling for the next couple of months. we don't have that much certainty on how much room we have. we know it's $200 billion but that all depends on the specifics of the textile because remember, taxes are going up, but the fiscal cliff its full force and continues to hit full force, technically it already has a degree that helps the deficit picture and gives us more room as a country underneath that debt ceiling. we have already technically hit it. $200 of that extraordinary measures being taken to extend that
countries try that and it usually doesn't end well but another potential glitch is congress has to keep raising the debt limit to allow that kind of mechanism to continue so even though we can print our own currency which reduces the risk of a credit default, if congress refuses to raise the debt limit that could force default and increase problems for us. >> your book is called "bull by the horns" and do you think this is our government taking the bull by the horns this deal? >> no. i wish i could say it really is kicking the can down the road when it. they did make some decisions, permanent inflation indexing of the amt which is good, that's been going on for a long time. we've got permanent extension of the lower rates for less than 450,000, 400,000 for individuals. they made some decisions that will cost a lot of money over what would have occurred if we let all of the tax cuts expire. nothing in the way of deficit reduction and this is going to be the big question in the house, they pretty consistency said they wanted something on the spending side and not really getting it. in a c
, technically they vote to cut taxes, might be another selling point in and of itself. in two months, when the united states hits that debt ceiling, and congress has to vote whether to raise it or not. and the sequester, when they come due, when mandatory spending cuts take effect, remember, they are delaying them for two months, and we will have another huge battle on our hands, and at that point, we will have more leverage, more distance between now and the election and the debt ceiling, because the united states could be default unless the president decides to raise it. it will take an act of congress to raise the debt ceiling. that's what we're looking at in the short term, whether the republicans can get this passed out of the house of representatives tomorrow or the following day, and two months down the line, because the deal they struck tonight, milissa, carries the seeds of further confrontation, bigger confrontation, one more thing, joe biden when he left the meeting stopped by the pool camera outside the senate chamber and said it will be a tough vote. never predict how the sena
for two government retirement funds reaching the limit sets up another big fight between the white house and congress over taxes and spending. in the new year sounds like the fiscal cliff all over again, right? that's because it is. >>> the markets are closed today for new year's but on monday wall street ended 2012 on a very high note. the dow jumped 166 points, finished the year up 7%. nasdaq really the leader here of 59 points yesterday. closed 201215% -- 2012 15% higher. >>> the health of the economy could influence whether a child picks up unhealthy habits. scientists found children who grew up during times of unemployment rates were high, were more likely to drink, smoke and use marijuana in their teens. doctors considered the study with kids born during recessions recessions. what they're finding is during recession, domestic abuse rises so a child growing up in a domestic abuse environment turns to drugs and alcohol. >> you wander if they had the same pattern in the '30s and '80s when we had other recessions whether we see this trend. >> this study looks directly at the 1980s and
workers or they will not pay the country's billos time. congress must vote now to raise the debt ceiling and setting the stage for yet another battle on capitol hill. a new year brings new numbers on the paycheck of thousands san francisco workers. a higher minimum wage comes in . carolyn tyler has the details. >> the street prides itself on the salaries paid to workers in the back of the house. cooks and dish washers and a record high minimum wage rose in from 8.50 in 2004 to 10.24 an hour and jumps to 10.55. >> will it keep you from hiring. >> yes, we'll have to trim our staff down and have less employees. we can't give the raises because the money is not there . >> supporters say it gives workers and the economy a boost. it is going up in san francisco stince 2003, when voters passed a measure that automatically ties the minimum wage to inflation and cost of the living each year. >> san francisco is not losing business. businesses are not running away from us. we live in one of the most expensive counties in the country . we can afford and businesses can afford this and workers can de
is not that well-known. certainly it establishes curiosity. >> host: several members of congress have written books this past pastor including senator rand paul, government bullies and represented john lewis wrote another book, across that bridge about his experience. senator marco rubio a biography, an american son and represented tim ryan a mindful nation how a single practice can help reduce stress, improve performance and recapture the american spirit. a little off the beaten path for members of congress. senator tom coburn, the debt bomb and robert draper has written a book about congress. do not ask what good we do inside the u.s. house of representatives. do either of you look for these books when they come out by members of congress or politicians? >> guest: i certainly know them but i feel as if at least from my standpoint that these books are way too entrenched the members of congress not only in their positions but also potentially to position them for future runs, be it within their current offices or maybe something different. so, it seems as if it's more of a calling card then it is f
or another. he is literally trying to get a sense of the mood and feel of the congress, of the conference and go in that direction. >> bret: what about the dennis hastert rule? so-called majority. if speaker boehner gets to the point he does not have a majority of the caucus voting for the senate bill, that he would have to pass it with democrats' votes not majority of his own caucus, that he will move forward? >> that is an excellent question. you bring up a rule that goes back a few years. but in essence, that is what speaker boehner said. he will take the conference now. either go in one or two directions. one tyrannosaurus rex he may decide to go in, depending on how the vote goes is do -- one direction he may decide to go in, depending on how the vote goes, give democrats for majority vote to pass legislation. good point. >> bret: scott garrett from new jersey. vice chairman of the house committee. we appreciate the time. >> pleasure to be with you. >> bret: we'll follow every development by the hour. >> thank you. >> bret: we're continuing to follow all of it as you look at the hous
today cynically pairs a pay freeze for us in congress with a continuation of the pay freeze in career civil servants. it's another tired duplicative cheap shot at our nation's dedicated federal work force. if members of congress and the public simply take a look at the scoreboard, they'll see that with respect to the deficit reduction, federal workers have not only born a share of the cost, they have born the only share of the cost. federal employees have contributed already $103 billion toward deffings reduction through an extended pay freeze that continues to this day and benefit cuts. for example, federal workers contributed $60 billion toward deficit reduction as a result of the two-year pay freeze covering 2011 and 2012. the recent pay freeze extension through march of this year adds another $28 billion. this total also includes $15 billion contribution that will be made by federal new hires who, starting next year, will see their pay decrease by 2.3% as contributions of their pensions are raised with no commensurate benefit increase. meanwhile, this inequity is amplified when on
warned them about, they are in trouble. and then what happens if there's another bill coming through? there's not enough time. what will happen is they go into the next congress. it will start again at the end of the week with a newly elected senators and house members and they'll try again. in the meantime, the markets are going to be furious. you are going to see a very tough week on wall street i think. >> we're watching this real time along with you. thank you guys both. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> as the calendar turns over to a new year, washington is getting ready for the president's inauguration which is a few weeks away. president obama is restricting inaugural balls to the lowest number in 60 years. jennifer davis shows us there is still a staggering amount of prep work underway for the big dachlt >> reporter: you could say this hum of construction that fills the capitol grounds every four years represents the foundation of our country. these are the stands that will show case the peaceful passage of one presidential term to the next. >> we feel good that america has had th
in, which is automatic spending cuts. so we'll have another challenge. let's hope we learned a lesson from this one. the american people are sick and tired of incompetence and political posturing and failure of congress to come together on a bipartisan basis to some of a problem. and they want us to get the problem solved and get this nation moving forward. in the early morning hours in the national w senate, we finald it. now i hope the house will do the same, follow the senate example, and 60 days from now we can approach this problem in a sober, honest mature way instead of a partisan fashion. that's what the american people expect. i took a look, incidentally, of the specific impact of this this morning's vote on my state of illinois and for the record, over 5 million i will i will families will be spared a tax increase under the agreement that we passed in the early morning hours. almost all of them, the working families we described earlier. without an agreement, the average family in illinois would have faced an increase in taxes of more than $2,000. half a million families in
to have president obama's signature on the legislation by the time the new congress takes office. that is at noon on thursday. that would minimize the impact of not having a deal in place by the start of the year. >>> another spending battle is brewing on capitol hill. the government is close to reaching its debt limit. the treasury is taking steps to delay reaching the 16.4 trillion dollar borrowing limit. yesterday it stopped issuing new debt for two government retirement funds. that will not affect current retirees. treasury secretary timothy geithner announced last week that his department will adopt measures to save $200 billion keeping the government from reaching its limit for about two months. >>> we'll have much more on this deal throughout this evening on news 4 at 5:00 and then again at 11:00. you can also read about it throughout the day by going to >>> at some point numbers will be fun again but not right now. >> absolutely. but it is a chilly start this morning. not as bad as it has been the past couple of days. >> this is true. 4:31 is our time r
, president obama during that speech criticized congress for taking too long to come up with this deal. he also laid the groundwork for another problem that's coming and that's basically burrough -- upping the country's burrough limit. republicans will no doubt try to use upping that in ex-kang for spending cuts. and to which the president said, they have another thing coming if they think that's going to be the case. spending cuts alone are not going to be able to reduce the country's deficit. so we have that coming. senator john mccain said basically that's going to antagonize a lot of the house members and possibly jeopardize the vote. >> a lot of negotiations still need to be done. all right, tara mergener live in washington for us, thank you. >>> what a night! the weather cooperated for a spectacular night of fireworks along the waterfront right here in san francisco. beautiful view, big crowds jamming the embarcadero. when it was over the cars jammed all the streets in the area. everyone had to go home. although many are still here. new year's celebration was not 100% peaceful though
be invoked and they could delay the new congress from coming in, i think we would have to talk to the experts about that, but what we are looking at now potentially is another long night is the bottom line here. and remember that you are going to start to see economic reaction if this starts to signal like this might not happen. you have the asian markets opening up tonight. we will get our first indication of what the world thinks of all of this back and forth in washington. and then tomorrow the u.s. markets react for the first time to whatever happens here in washington over the next 24 hours. >> it is not going to be good. it will get messy quickly. brett, happy new year to you and your family. you can see 6:00 p.m. eastern on a special edition of "special report" and will be here -- as he said it will be a long night and a long night for brett depending on t here for youin dc. on fox. >> more now on the fallout from the fiscal cliff deal as we take a look at the major players on both sides of the aisle. we try to figure out the winners and the losers in this big fight according to the wa
to be the formula they've got another thing coming. >> some quickly condemned the comments. >> it's dismissive and insulting. >> that is not the way presidents should lead. >> for republicans in congress who said they'd never raise taxes on anyone, the deal to let the bush era cuts lapse for the wealthy is a bitter pill. >> the big battle is still to come. it's over the debt ceiling. >> but senate republican leader mcconnell did not join in bashing td president, pushing fellow republicans to accept the compromise. >> the president said, quote, for now our most immediate priority is to stop taxes going up for middle class families starting tomorrow, end quote and i agree. >> sor, white house and you just heard the senate minority leader they have a deal. and whether or not congress accepts it, we'll have to wait to see. neither left nor right likes this deal, house officials tell abc news nancy pelosi and hairy -- harry re dismt d both signed off on the plan. >> mark, thank you very much. well, one of the people who could with affect fwhitd action is roshel carguile, she makes her own business
people can decide who they are sending to congress. so, these are duly elected people who represent districts and just because somebody in one distri vote as certain way that somebody in another district doesn't like --. adam: you lose nothing. you're done. you lose nothing by speing truth to the other 434 members. what would you say to them? >> well, i think that we have sho, historically, not just this year but every the decades that congress is not good except if there's a deadline the reason the fiscal cliff exists we pushed until the end of the year this harmonic convergence of tax increases and spending cuts that are unpalatable to force action. otherwise congress would never get it done. that is speaker boehner's leverage with the debt ceiling. so i think we could do a lot better wh the type of people that we're electing to congress, moving away from the extremes and bringing more centrists who can work together. could give you a long speech about that when you combine those two things, you don't get a great work product. adam: congressman jason altmire, you mentioned harmoni
, again, was meant to force congress to act, but those cuts would have been very arbitrary and would have potentially helped tip the country back into another recession. so that's why they so wanted to avoid that. but at the same time, those cuts produce deficit reduction. it's been a complicated, long negotiation. there has been a lot of emotion on the line, a lot of strong political feelings that have been at odds. as you know, there have been a change of players. this began with the president and speaker boehner negotiating that fell apart. then it fell to the top leaders in senate, mitch mcconnell and the democratic majority leader put a call in to his old friend, joe biden, help us out, sort it out. joe biden, if he had remained a united states senator he would have been the most senior democrat in the senate. so he knows how this place works, and he has demonstrated a relationship and trust with people across the aisle that has helped put this together. there will be unsung heroes, if you will, in terms of staffers who have worked to hard to make it work. now, there will be members
, behind closed doors. to go back to your question about speaker boehner, that is another thing -- he has attempted to do a lot of stuff in the open. you might not like him or the things he is voting for if you are in the republican congress, but that is a positive thing for people, especially conservatives that feel left out of the process. let things get done in the open. that is worth a lot. host: mike has been waiting in misery. democratic caller. -- missouri, democratic caller. caller: raising the taxes on the rich, i think it is i'm a democrat, but i think there is a trend going on with people on welfare. no two couples, hud pays rent, they get food stamps, the husband and wife get medicaid, and they are able to work. at the end of the year, they say they worked so much, and they did income back off. i think they need to start cracking down on the welfare programs. that would save a lot of money. host: charles hurt? guest: i think that is the primary problem the conservatives see with the set up. you're trying to fix the revenue problem, which will not be fixed by going after 2%, ra
overseas trains and her plans to testify in congress. her top two deputies testified in her place. secretary clinton has stressed she remains ready to testify before she steps down from her post next month. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. >>> another new report on the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi is attempting to shed light on what led to the confusing talking points in the week following the attack. it says the cia, fbi and other intelligence officials made major changes to those talking points about events surrounding the tax which in turn led to the confusing explanation by the obama administration. >>> a new york city couple is under arrest and facing some serious charges. investigators found a highly explosive substance and documents on how to make a bomb in their home over the weekend. police made the arrests after getting a tip. officers say they discovered about seven grams of hmtd in their living room which is used to make bombs as well as a sawed-off shotgun. papers also titled the terrorist encyclopedia were found. >>> still ahead on fox 5 mo
in that but that is a possibility out there because another big thing that is happening in a few days is that senate democrats pick up more seats in the new congress. they picked up seats in the last election in the senate and the same thing in the the house so speaker boehner's hand will be weakened a little bit more in the days ahead because democrats have more seats in the house and same deal on the senate. that is why it is so pivotal now. the midnight deadline is almost a little bit artificial. they will vote at some point if they can get if. the bottom line is they have to make sure they get this signed off on. if it languishes a few days some on the democratic side will say why are we giving in on the tax issue and x and y we might get a better deal if we let this play out. they want to make sure get this signed off on in the next few hours so there is no funny business. >> just recapping now. the white house believes that they have a deal with senate republicans. vice president biden is up on capitol hill actually trying to twist the arms of some senate democrats who may have some problems with this deal a
last september. it is of great concern to virtually everybody in congress. host: will republicans overwhelmingly, much like they did in the senate earlier this morning, but in the house, will they live to fight another day and approve a deal? what do you think the vote will be? guest: that is tough. the two weeks ago when speaker boehner had a plan to raise taxes on those earning more than $1 million, the feeling was that he had about 190 republican votes. if the will of 190 holes, then you'll get a -- then you'll get an oath -- if the 190 holds, then you will get a majority. it again, one thing we have learned in this game is that nothing is assured. host: now there is work to be done for this 113th congress. what is the dynamic there? guest: the democrats picked up a few seats in the senate. it is 55-45 at the moment. if john kerry is confirmed as secretary of state, then it goes to 54. democrats have a little more strength. the president gets inaugurated january 20, 21st. then we are back to fighting over the debt limit, the sequester, the continuing solutions. it goes on and o
on the legislation by the time the new congress takes office at noon on thursday. that would minimize the impact of not having a deal in place by the start of the year. another spending battle is also brewing on capitol hill. the government is close to reaching its debt limit. the treasury is taking steps to delay reaching the $16.4 trillion borrowing limit. yesterday it stopped issuing new debt for two government retirement funds. that won't impact current retirees. treasury secretary timothy geithner announced last week that his department will adopt measures to save about $200 billion. that's going to keep the government from reaching its limit for about two months. >>> we've also got much more information coming ahead in the next few hours on this deal right here on news4 today. again on news 4 at 5:00 and at 11:00. you can also read about it by going to >>> today is the day some couples in maryland thought would never come. same-sex marriage became legal at the stroke of midnight and it's exactly how some couples decided to bring in the new year. sabrina and natasha of fr
, spoiler alert, trending and boneless wings and another phrase everybody apparently wants to hear less of it kicking the can down the road which we heard a lot from congress today. anyway, so if you're wondering what the hottest gifts this season were, fox's elizabeth macdonald shows us. >>> christmas day 2012 saw a record breaking increase in fablet and smartphone activations. americans activated 332% more apple and android devices than they did last christmas. according to analytic firms between december 1st and december 20th roughly 4 million devices were activated per day and on december 25th, however, a whopping 17.4 million tablets and smartphones were activated, the largest number on any given day in history. while both phones and tablets contributed to these record breaking numbers, more americans got tablets for christmas this year. 51% of the activations were tablets. the other 49% accounted for by smartphones and it looks like it was a great holiday season for apple and google as well as the lucky recipients of their gadgets. log onto for more. in new york i'
. if the district attorney isn't going to do something about it then congress should doing about it. key hit the roof. he was furious. and so he immediately charged lundy with liable. and went and charged him with his printer another white man helped him run off the copies. he was trying to drive the anti-slavery people out of the capitol. they wanted to get rid of the anti-slavery forces in washington and so, and so lundy did the same thing as garrison. he was facing like $1,000 fine which would be like, you know, $20,000 or you know, $100,000 in today's money. and so, lundy collected one last meal from his friend and he took off and went to philadelphia. so yeah, so the anti-slavery movement was very embattled throughout this time and that was, you know, that was key's mission was to kind of drive these people out and suppress them. so. >> was there, at this time, what you would call mainstream press that was covering the whole thing including the abolitionist newspapers and -- >> no. no. >> how -- >> there were a lot of papers at the time. there were three daily newspapers in washington a
the fiscal cliff, another financial crisis emerged right? treasury secretary tim geithner telling congress that the u.s. just reached its $16.4 trillion borrowing limit. he says the government is now employing, quote, extraordinary measures in order to avoid default, no word how lawmakers will resolve huge differences raising debt limit, the debt ceiling but it could be just a matter of weeks before the government defaults. heather: the supreme court's chief justice weighing in on the country's physical problems. saying the judicial branch gets a minuscule fraction of the nation's trillion dollar budget. it has already done its part when it comes to cost cutting. he is calling on the white house and congress to give enough funding to insure the federal judiciary can do its job. saying this. a significant and prolonged short fall in judicial funding would inevitably result in the delay or denial of justice for the people the courts serve. i therefore encourage the president and congress to be especially attentive to the needs of the judicial branch and provide the resources necessary for it
. >> so we've got another few hours to go before we know what's going on. by the way, dana, we checked earlier in the day with a clerk of the house. this current 112th congress. apparently there's a vacant seat in the house, so i think the magic number is 217 right now as opposed to 218, which is normally the number you need for majority. >> reporter: that's right. 217 right now, but it also depends on the members voting, which is why i said that. there are a lot of people who are retiring, who may not even be here. >> so it could be less. >> reporter: exactly. >> we'll watch the roll call, as we always watch these roll calls, to see when they decide to do. no decision yet. we'll stay in close touch with you. dana bash, doing an excellent job for all of us. who are the winners, who are the losers so far in this bruising political battle? we'll take a closer look at that, stand by. >>> and the serious question about hillary clinton's future raised by the health crisis she's facing right now. we'll have the latest on the blood clot in her head. your premium with this thing.ety i thought
. >> reporter: the house is back in session about noon. if it does pass the bill we could look for another big fight over spending within weeks when congress is faced with raising the nation's debt limit. brian, steve, juliet? steve: wendell, thank you very much. i'm looking, jason chaffetz, of course congressman from utah, republican side, says on twitter, without substantial real, first-year cuts in spending i can't vote a bill passed by the senate last night. how many guys like him are thinking about that this morning? brian: he is one of the people that didn't vote for the million dollar plan b threshold. juliet: all right. let's get out to some other headlines now. iran continuing its military drills for a fourth day. this is new video you're looking at released by iranian television. it shows iran military test firing two missiles yesterday in the strait of hormuz. they fired one of the missiles from land that reportedly struck a mukhtar get in the water. iranian officials say it is a show of the country's power and resolve. six days of drills started friday will continue through tomorro
, actually, quite widely documented and discussed in newspapers. his first major vote in congress was condemning the war. lincoln's first political stance on the national stage is against the u.s.-mexico war. that's one person i talk about. another person is john jay harden. some of you may be familiar with. he's part of a very, very important family in jacksonville, and for a period of time he was the leading wig politician in illinois, not abraham lincoln, and it's only hair din's death in the war that some argue makes lincoln's path forward and road to the presidency possible because he was under the shadow of john before that happened. hardin's family is fascinating and deeply, deeply affected by the u.s. mexico war war. like most people, you probably don't know a lot about it. the north american invasion as it was known in mexico began when president polk sent troops into a disputed areas between the rio grand rivers with the intention of starting a war. polk wanted more. he was set on declaring war if the mexican army didn't rise. the day before he found out that mexicans cr
will have in 60 days, if the house follows the senate lead on the fiscal cliff, another challenge. let's hope we of learned a lesson from this one. the american people are sick and tired of incompetence, political posturing, and the failure of congress to come together to solve problems on a bipartisan basis. we need to move forward. in the early mornings, the senate achieved that. should have been long ago, i understand ag, but we achieve this. i hope we can now approach this in a sober, honest, mature way. i took a look of the specific impact of this morning's vote on my state. 5 million families will be scared a tax increase, almost all of them the working families are described earlier. without an agreement, the average family would have faced an increase in taxes of more than $2,000. half a million families in my state will continue to receive college tuition tax credits, as much as $1,000 of assistance each year, which i am sure is a helping hand. families raising children will continue to benefit from the child tax credit, a yearly savings of about $1,000 on average. nearly a qu
. welcome to the white house. i realize that the last thing you want to hear on new year's eve is another speech from me. but i do need to talk about the progress being made in congress today. for the last few days, leaders of both parties are working toward an agreement that will prevent a middle-class tax hike from hitting 98% of all americans starting tomorrow. preventing that tax hike has been my top priority. the last thing that folks like the folks appear on this stage can afford right now is to pay an extra $2,000 in taxes next year. middle-class families cannot afford it, businesses cannot afford it, our economy cannot afford it. today, it appears an agreement to prevent this new year's tax hike is within sight. but it is not done. there are still issues left to resolve but we are hopeful that congress can get it done. it is not done. part of the reason i wanted to speak to all of you today is to make sure that we emphasize to congress and members of both parties understand across america that this is a pressing concern on people's minds. now, the potential agreement that is being
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